I’m twenty years old and a junior at the University of Maine. I’m a part of the Black Bear Mentor Program that involves hanging out with a little girl every week at Leonard Middle School playing computer games, helping her with homework and playing in the school gym and on the playground. I love movies and enjoy quoting them, mainly comedies. I like to be active. I love the outdoors – going kayaking, hiking, camping – they’re my favorite things to do. I tend to over analyze a lot and I’m more comfortable around small groups of people.

Creative Statement

I’m studying new media because since it’s such a broad program, you can create something really unique. The degree is really just coming to light now so it’s going to be in high demand. With so many technological advances, they need more people to be innovative and create something even better. I’d like to design video games and I’m really interested in animation and graphic design. The film Avatar inspired me because of how it isn’t just computer animation. They had the actors wear sensors and the computer created a real-time skeleton of them doing all the actions in the film and it designed a computer-generated character. The characters were still the interpretation of the actors. They did a tremendous amount of work using motion capture, digital scanning and lightstage capture and I would really like to play around with that.